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Article: I'm starting a serialized column!


I'm starting a serialized column!

I want to be called a “stylish” person (woman)!
There are many ways to compliment someone's appearance.
``Hannari.'' ``Smooth.'' ``Elegant.'' etc.
But regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, what makes you happy is "It's stylish!"
(This is my personal opinion! Very biased.)
So, what is "iki"? I asked Google Master.
``She has a refreshing demeanor, is sassy, ​​and has sex appeal;
body movements. ” he told me.
It seems like I understand, but I don't really understand...
At first meeting, it is unclear whether he has a pleasant disposition or not.
After all, the focus is on sex appeal and poise...
Please refrain from showing too much sex appeal and it will become unstylish and vulgar...
But appearance is also important to people! (Very biased.)
She's the type of person whose hobbies and lessons are based on her appearance, so let's try her best to look at her appearance first!
I'm starting a column that focuses on appearance, which is said to be "stylish"!
Because personal opinions, prejudices, desires, delusions, etc. are mixed together,
If you think, ``You have a different opinion than me!'', please ignore it or laugh. ( lol )
It will be updated every Saturday!
(After you rest, please forgive me and laugh at Ishikawa for slacking off...)
Thank you for your continued support!



Born in the Showa era, in his fifties.

I became interested in kimono due to the influence of my grandmother who lived in kimono.

How to make a kimono handed down by a kimono-loving mother somehow “stylish”

Every day I struggle to dress well.

I love antiques and reused items and want to express my individuality!

The owner of this desire.

Kimiko Ishikawa

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