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Connecting the feeling of "satisfaction". CONCEPT

Corporate Philosophy Evolving tradition and enriching people today.

Based on our 90-year history,


Refine your sense of beauty nurtured by tradition.

Founded in 1928 (Showa 3), Iwasa has built up a 90-year history through the manufacture of flower laces, sandals, handbags for Japanese clothing, and formal bags. Unwavering with the waves of the times, we imbue each and every product with the upright Japanese spirit that values ​​civility. We will continue to value the aesthetic sense fostered by tradition and culture, and protect what remains unchanged and what should not be changed.

Founded in 1928, Iwasa has been manufacturing sandals,purses,and formal bags for more than 90 years. The spirit of politeness, care, and courtesy is timeless, and crafted into every product. We value the aesthentic sense cultivated by tradition and culture, protecting the important values that should last forever.

Warmth that can only be achieved by handiwork.


Towards the inheritance of craftsmanship culture.

"HANDMADE IN JAPAN" is Iwasa's policy. Rooted in Osaka, a city of handicrafts where craftsmen gather, we turn our backs on overseas production and mass production using machines, and are particular about making everything by hand. The skilled craftsmanship of craftsmen is indispensable for creating small items that exude elegance. Careful manufacturing means careful craftsmanship. Iwasa inherits the craftsmanship culture and expresses the warmth that can only be found in handicrafts.

"HANDMADE IN JAPAN" is Iwasa's policy. From the artisans of Osaka, a city famous for handcrafted goods, our products are manufactured by hand, not mass-produced or imported from other countries. Our painstakingly handcrafted manufactured products convey a Japanese spirit of conscientiousness and Kindness unique to the artisans of Osaka. Express your natural warmth and empathy with goods that reflect the meticulous attention to detail of Iwasa's master craftsmen.

Quality is in the details.


A sense of security that only comes from domestic production.

In order to deliver reliable quality to our customers, Iwasa performs everything in Japan, from dyeing to weaving, pasting, fitting metal fittings, inspection, and packaging. We thoroughly pursue quality, not only for the beauty of the finish, but also for the parts that will be hidden after completion. We respect the dexterity of Japanese craftsmen's hands and their sincere and painstaking attitude toward work, and we deliver products that can only be made in Japan with peace of mind and satisfaction.

In order to deliver reliable quality to customers, Iwasa is doing everything from dyeing to sticking, gluing, fittings of metal fittings, inspection and packaging in Japan. Beyond the beauty of the finish, pursue the quality thoroughly even in the part that hides after completion . Respecting the handsome dexterity of Japanese craftsmen and the attitude toward serious and careful work, we deliver gems unique to domestic products with security and satisfaction.



  • Founded in Osaka by Kosuke Iwasa as a hanao manufacturer. 1928


  • Started production of handbags for Japanese clothing. 1963


  • Head office building constructed in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka. 1965


  • Organization changed to a corporation


  • Wataru Iwasa appointed as the second president 1928


  • Started producing formal bags by applying Japanese style bag production technology. 1981


  • Established formal business division and established two pillars with Japanese clothing division


  • Opened a head office showroom that can display over 100 items. 1994
  • “TV shopping” for formal bags begins


  • Koji Iwasa appointed as the third president. Headquarters expanded and business expanded.


  • Celebrating 80th anniversary of founding


  • Opened our own sales site with a wide selection of original products Iwasa official shop Iwasa zori online shop


  • A new company building with an exhibition hall and workshop will be constructed as a place to nurture the next generation of craftsmen. 2015
  • "Radio Shopping" for formal bags started


  • August We have opened a new store on the 2nd floor of our Osaka head office building, allowing you to view and purchase online products. 2017
  • September Applying formal bag technology, we open a sales site for our own brand party bag “SHINCA” SHINCA


  • Celebrating 90 years since founding.


  • November Renewal of IWASA official shop | Redesigned to better inform everyone about our corporate activities than ever before IWASA official shop renewed


  • Celebrating 95th anniversary of founding

Company Information

Company Name
Iwasa Co., Ltd.
Koji Iwasa
30 million yen
1928 (Showa 3)

2-14-4 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

Business content
Planning, manufacturing and sales of Japanese style bags, sandals and formal bags