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  • 当サイトはフォーマルスペシャリスト在籍店舗です

I want to be called a “stylish” person (woman)!

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其の七   水無月

Part 7 Minazuki

June is "Minazuki" on the calendar, but many people may find it strange. Why is there no water even though we are entering the rainy season? I asked Professor Google . June in the lunar calen...

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其の六   衣替え

Part 6: Change of clothes

Golden Week is over, and it's time to feel the beginning of summer. According to the seasonal concept of kimono, May is still considered to be a kimono, but I wore a kimono during Golden Week, b...

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其の五  着物の香り

Part 5: The scent of kimono

When you think of the scent of a kimono, many people probably associate it with a scent bag. In the past, insect repellents used to contain camphor and had a strong smell, but now there are many...

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其の四  帯結び

Part 4 Obi knot

Speaking of how to tie an obi, the two most popular ways to tie a half-width obi are the ``Otaiko'' and the ``Ginza knot.'' When wearing a fukuro obi in a formal scene, it is usually the Otaiko ...

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其の三                                                        季節を楽しもう!

Part 3: Enjoy the season!

The cherry blossom season has ended and the season has turned to fresh greenery. The cherry blossom season really feels short and fleeting.   Today's ``Iki'' means being able to enjoy the seas...

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其の二   草履台

Part 2 Sandal stand

 Footwear is an important accessory when wearing a kimono. Young ladies these days are enjoying a modern look with sandals and boots, but old ladies born in the Showa era don't have the courage...

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其の一   縞と筋

Part 1: Stripes and streaks

  When it comes to stylish kimonos, striped patterns are a must. Even though they are only striped, the variety of them is astounding. Stick stripes, komochi stripes, taki stripes, bonito st...

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I'm starting a serialized column!

I want to be called a “stylish” person (woman)!   There are many ways to compliment someone's appearance. ``Hannari.'' ``Smooth.'' ``Elegant.'' etc. But regardless of whether you're a ma...

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