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IWASA×Kimono Color Coordinator Shoko Noguchi

Under the supervision of Mr. Noguchi, the kimono color coordinator, we created the perfect pair of zori sandals for your first pair.
These basic sandals are easy to match with any kimono regardless of the season.

Color coordinator Shoko Noguchi

This time, we will deliver the key points chosen by Kimono Color Coordinator Mr. Noguchi in the form of a conversation with IWASA designer Tsukuda.

What I would like you to pay attention to this time is the overall color.
Well, it may look simple at first glance, but we designed zori sandals that create a beautiful balance when paired with a kimono .
First of all, let's talk about the color of the stand. What is the intention behind the four colors you chose from among the many available colors?
For the stand, we have carefully selected a color similar to black pumps , which goes well with any kimono color. This time there are four colors: white, cream, light silver, and black. These four colors can be matched regardless of age, season, or kimono color.
I see, it's reassuring to have sandals that are easy to match for any occasion.
What caught my attention was the color of the thong, it's all white and looks beautiful.
What is surprisingly noticeable is the color of the thong. If your tabi socks are white, choosing a similar white color will give you a cleaner and tighter look. White is recommended, especially if you want to use it for formal occasions.
I think the fact that even the color of the tips are white makes the product stand out in its elegance.
The red acupressure points are attractive, but you can match them with any kimono! As a pair of shoes that I would like to wear for all purposes, I chose white this time. The color of the pressure points affects the color matching of the kimono. When you wear tabi socks, the color of the pressure points inside the white can ruin your look, but the white on your feet makes you look like a kimono expert, creating a dignified and tense atmosphere.
I see, that's right. Thankfully, ``Iwasa's zori sandals are less tiring and I wear them all the time. ”We have received many comments like “ First of all, when it comes to a pair of zori sandals, the design of Homare is sure to become a pair of zori sandals that will become more and more useful regardless of the color of the kimono, the occasion, or the season.

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