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You won't get tired even if you wear it all day. But it's not too casual and goes well with formal occasions. I made zori sandals filled with such selfishness. Please enjoy the collaboration of craftsmanship and playful design.

  • Designer Asami Kosuna

  • We create kimonos by combining Western clothing techniques with a focus on materials that are commonly used, such as cotton and linen. We propose a kimono that blends in with the city.

  • Official website:

When it comes to product planning for sandals and bag manufacturers, it is inevitable to think about single products.
I want to make bags and sandals that go well with the total coordination of wearing a kimono and obi. With this in mind, I approached Mr. Kosuna, who has a great reputation as a kimono designer. I think we have planned something different from the worldview of IWASA up until now.
Please use it together with the kimono planned by Mr. Kosuna.
I think you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the world. Iwasa Co., Ltd.

Iwasa Corporate Site Designer Kimie Tsukuda

IWASA sandals are easy to wear. Over the years, various craftsmen have gone through trial and error to improve the quality. For someone like me, who has only ever known sneakers and heeled shoes, I can't help but think that this footwear is full of wisdom. This is the first impression I had after getting involved with zori more and more at IWASA. Kosuna designs kimonos that are sophisticated and cute. I'm really happy that people who didn't know about IWASA until now had the opportunity to casually try it on.


Zori stand special structure

    • Uses a 6mm thick sponge. By adopting a unique shape that pursues comfort, we have achieved an outstanding fit on your feet. Just the right amount of softness to gently absorb shock to your feet.
    • A slightly harder and more elastic cushion material is used than the first layer. It is light and does not sink in easily, and absorbs the impact of the first layer with a sense of stability. By layering two layers of cushioning with different properties, the effect lasts for a long time.
    • The base is made of a stable material such as cork. Having a certain degree of hardness helps prevent it from losing its shape. Firmly supports the first and second layer cushions. *Depending on the design, some are made of foam material with the 3rd and 4th layers integrated.
    • Uses a rubber sole that is non-slip and easy to walk on. The heel part is made of a material that is particularly hard to wear out, so it is extremely durable. Recommended for those who are not used to wearing shoes

Hanao that is hard to break

  • If the laces are too stiff, they will be uncomfortable and hurt your feet. If it is too soft, it will quickly lose its shape and no longer fit your feet. Another drawback of traditional hanao is that the core can break. Due to the characteristics of the material, if you press down on it from above, the core may break and it may not regain its shape. In order to overcome these problems, we created a lace that looks beautiful and holds its shape well by combining a sturdy material with a strong hold and a cushioning material that feels good on the feet and has good resilience.
    (*Please be careful not to press down the lace for a long time as this may cause it to lose its shape)

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