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Founded in 1928, we convey the sense of beauty fostered by tradition and culture as a treasure of Japan. Iwasa formal bag continues to be loved

made in Japan Founded in 1928<br>Iwasa's continued commitment to manufacturing

  • high quality
  • High functionality

You want to use it for a long time, so choose something of high quality that you can rest assured about.

  1. All materials produced in Japan
  2. made in Japan All materials produced in Japan

    Not only is it made entirely domestically and woven to reliable quality standards, but the fabric is also surface treated to make it water repellent during dyeing, so you can use it with confidence.

  1. All materials produced in Japan
  2. made in Japan Japanese craftsmen carefully create each item one by one.

    The biggest appeal of Japanese-made products is, of course, the "careful finish that reflects the Japanese aesthetic sense." Craftsmen painstakingly create this in a beautiful, well-organized space. We deliver products with a warmth that cannot be found in mass-produced products and a sense of cleanliness that can only be found in domestic products.

Iwasa uses Mitsubishi Chemical's Soalon.

“Soalon” is a high-quality triacetate fiber that is environmentally friendly and has high scarcity value.

  1. "Soalon" is an eco-material certified by the Biomass Mark. Only trees that are sustainably managed are used to enhance the natural regenerative power of forests.

  1. Triacetate is a semi-synthetic fiber that combines the benefits of plant-based raw materials made from natural pulp with the benefits of synthetic fibers made from chemical materials. The product name is Soalon. Soalon, the only product in the world manufactured exclusively by Mitsubishi Chemical, has received high praise all over the world.
    Triacetate fibers have a silk-like luster and smooth feel, and are dyed a deep black, making them a high-quality material that is often used in expensive black formal fabrics.

Iwasa bag image that continues to be loved Since our founding in 1928, we have looked squarely at Japan's traditions and culture and have continued to support fashion and taste through the production of thongs, sandals, handbags for Japanese clothing, and formal bags. In today's world where fashion is diversifying, there are things that remain the same and things that should never change. This is a dignified appearance at formal occasions, and an honest spirit that values ​​civility.

“Domestic” manufacturing has been our focus since our founding.

Iwasa bag image that continues to be loved The core material, which forms a neat form suitable for a ceremonial seat, is made from durable paper made from domestic wood, which is characterized by its supple bending, strength, and high durability. Formal bags usually have no seams except for the handle, and most of the bag is finished using traditional techniques. The adhesive used in this process was also developed domestically and is of high quality, safe, and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the fabric that determines the look of the formal bag incorporates a variety of materials with an elegant texture that has excellent dye absorption properties, and both the outer and lining are deep black. A comfortable feel and dignified figure are created by these carefully selected materials.
History of Iwasa


The craftsman's handiwork begins by covering the cut core with cloth and carefully turning the cloth over. Using a well-honed sense of fingertips, the pieces are pasted together in 1mm increments, and each part is assembled into a three-dimensional shape. Because we put so much effort into our products, we have a strong commitment to our products, and we have pride and love for the products that are created with our own hands. We believe that this kind of craftsmanship culture is the key to manufacturing, and at Iwasa we are focusing on nurturing the craftsmen of the future.

We will continue to sincerely pursue handcrafted manufacturing and beauty unique to Japan, and propose products that touch the hearts of our customers.