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  • 当サイトはフォーマルスペシャリスト在籍店舗です

Iwasa logo Iwasa's zori sandals were born from reliable technology and unchanging passion and love that have been passed down since the company's founding in 1928.
Rich and gorgeous.
Here you will find the "comfort to wear" that satisfies you.

  • double cushion
  • rubber sole
  • thong
  • maintenance possible

Aiming for the most comfortable zori sandals in Japan.

Iwasa's zori are newly developed zori sandals that are designed to be comfortable to wear, and have a variety of other features such as improved ``fit to the feet'' and ``resistance to thongs becoming flat.''

It goes without saying that they are comfortable to wear.

The attention to detail and design was only possible because it was made in Japan with high quality.
These carefully made Japanese quality zori sandals are made only by craftsmen at Iwasa's own workshop.

Zori sandals cannot be mass-produced because each pair of zori is carefully made by hand by craftsmen.
We believe that high-quality and highly functional zori sandals, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, can bring joy to your kimono life and will be used for many years to come.

1 thong

By inserting the filling material firmly, there is little chance of the product becoming flat or deforming, allowing you to use it for a long time. The beauty of the finish is also exceptional.

Iwasa's thong
  • Iwasa's thongIwasa's thongIwasa's thong
  • An unbreakable thong

    If the thong is too stiff, it will be uncomfortable and hurt your feet. If it is too soft, it will quickly lose its shape and no longer fit your feet. Another drawback of conventional thongs was that the core could break. Due to the characteristics of the material, if you press down on it from above, the core may break and it may not return to its shape. In order to overcome these problems, we have created a thong that looks beautiful and holds its shape well by combining a sturdy material with a strong hold and a cushioning material that feels good against the feet and has good resilience. (*Please be careful not to press down on the thong for a long time as this may cause it to lose its shape)
Iwasa's thong point

2nd point

Regular shoes tend to get thinner and hurt your feet as you put them on and take them off many times, but Iwasa's tip points are made with a core attached to the back of the outer material to prevent them from getting thinner, so they can last for a long time. This is a specification that you can use.

Iwasa sandals

3 days

Our proud double cushion top is made with a 6mm thick sponge and cushioning materials with different properties, making it gentle on your feet and easy to walk in.
The edges are made with thinner sponges one by one for a smarter look.

4 units

Uses a cork core with excellent elasticity and durability. (Excluding men's)
By tightly wrapping the core in the fabric until the "roll", it creates a luxurious finish. For each pair, the materials are carefully applied by skilled craftsmen.

Iwasa zori structure


5 “Excellent elasticity and flexibility”

Unlike regular sandals, it has a full rubber sole.

Iwasa's special rubber sole

Uses a rubber sole that is non-slip and easy to walk on.
Most common zori sandals have a partial rubber sole, but Iwasa's rubber soles have a full rubber sole, which makes them more resistant to slipping and easier to walk on.
In addition, the rubber on the heel has been processed to prevent wear and tear, making it extremely durable!
Recommended for those who are not used to wearing them.

We had a specialized organization examine it to prove its comfort. Research by Professor Yasuhiro Hayakawa of Nara National College of Technology

  • ①Generally sold sponge type ①Generally sold sponge type
  • ②Iwasa single cushion ②Iwasa single cushion
  • ③Iwasa's double cushion ③Iwasa's double cushion

In the experiment, we improved the thermal camera so that it can take pictures with the feet fixed, and we are experimenting to obtain the same images under the same conditions before and after wearing the sandals. After walking in zori sandals, we observed an increase in the temperature of the soles of our feet.

Professor Yasuhiro Hayakawa, Nara National College of Technology

Although several were observed, the general trend seems to be that the red area becomes larger in the order of ① < ② < ③. When we actually take the average number of squares where a pressure value of 132 mmHg or higher was measured for each result, the results are ① 20.67 squares, ② 22.83 squares, and ③ 25.00 squares, according to the size relationship mentioned above. I know that there is . From this, it can be said that double cushion zori sandals spread the pressure on the soles of the feet more widely than conventional types, reducing the load on a single point.3) Iwasa double cushion type zori sandals have been determined to have the least load on the soles of the feet. can.