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  • 当サイトはフォーマルスペシャリスト在籍店舗です

Formal sandals

Even if you say formal attire in one word, it can be broadly divided into celebrations and condolences. This time I would like to recommend zori to wear at funerals and weddings.   wedding san...

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[Best of the first half of 2023] What is the “popular formal bag” that the staff honestly talks about?

formal bag department First place 2nd place 3rd place 4th 5th place 1st place “Yonezawa woven formal bag with built-in magnet” 9072 The satin cover is not ...

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When should you wear a cape?

This cape can be worn without worrying about size, but the customer asked if it could be worn for both celebrations and condolences. Is it ok to wear it even when wearing formal attire such as a...

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Do you need jet necklaces and earrings?

``Jet'' is a formal item that has received many inquiries since last year. As well as inquiries regarding online orders, customers who visit our stores often ask us, ``I have the Pearl, but do I ...

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Points for choosing formal bags for people in their 50s and above

Lately, we've been receiving a lot of inquiries from older women about choosing formal bags, so we've summarized the key points. What are your trouble points? 1 I want to buy a new formal bag b...

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This site is a pattern order simulation page. If you wish to purchase, please select and copy the parts item, paste the item contents in the "Notes" field, and make your purchase. My ...

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Iwasa's exam bag|Introducing key points on how to choose

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding exam bags is, ``How much stuff can fit in a tote bag?''

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初めてのフォーマルにぴったり ブラックフォーマルバッグ

Black formal bag perfect for your first formal

Choosing black formal attire is the first step to becoming an adult. Black formal is not something that you buy once and then leave it alone. Here we will introduce "designs that can last for 10 y...

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西出ひろ子監修 冠婚葬祭マナー講座

Ceremonial occasion etiquette course supervised by Hiroko Nishide

Ceremonies are the four major rituals that have been performed as events and rituals since ancient times. From birth to death, events held at milestones have important meanings and important etique...

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Iwasa 90th anniversary

<Celebrating our 90th anniversary> In 2018 (Heisei 30), Iwasa will celebrate its 90th anniversary. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their continued patronage, th...

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