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How to order

  • ◆ Add product to cart

    Once you have decided on the product you want, select the color, pattern and size and click the "Add to Cart" button. You can change the order quantity in your shopping cart.

  • ◆ Specify delivery time

    Check the items in your cart, and if you're happy with them, press the button to proceed to the next step. If you have a preference for a delivery time, please select your desired time from "Specify delivery time".

  • ◆ Specify delivery address

    If you have an account, please press "Login". If you are entering a new address, please enter "contact information" and "shipping address". If there is no problem with the shipping information, click "Proceed to select shipping method".

    If you would like to pay using your Amazon account, please press the "Amazon Pay" button at the top of the page.

  • ◆ Confirm delivery method

    Just press "Proceed to payment".

  • ◆ Select payment method/billing address

    You can choose from credit card, Amazon Pay, or cash on delivery as a payment method.
    If you would like to specify a different billing address, select "Use a different billing address" and enter it.
    When you have finished entering your information, please press the "Confirm Order" button. After confirming the entered information, please press "Complete Order".

    For those using credit cards

    You can use the following credit card brands.
    *Card payments with instant payment methods such as prepaid cards such as debit cards, V-Preca, and au WALLET cannot be used.
    *If you use the above, unexpected temporary payments or order failures may occur.
    *Credit card payments can only be made in one lump sum.

  • ◆ Order completed

    Once your order is successfully completed, you will see an order completion screen that includes your order number.
    After completing your order, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from the Iwasa Official Shop with the subject line [Order Confirmation]. You will receive a delivery notification email at a later date, so please check the content.

About delivery specifications

For orders placed before 13:00 on weekdays, same day shipping

*Excluding holidays, summer and year-end and New Year holidays. You cannot specify a delivery company.
*Please note that it may not be possible to specify the date and time for some products.

【Delivery date】
You can specify the delivery date when placing your order.
*You can select the desired delivery date on the order form from a number of days with plenty of time available.
If you would like your order to be delivered as soon as possible, please select "No specified date" or enter it in the notes section.

[About made-to-order products and reserved products]
If you place an order with a ready-to-delivery item, the item will be shipped on the same day as the made-to-order item or pre-order item.
Please note that due to our system, we are unable to ship items separately.
If you wish to have the items shipped separately, please complete the purchase procedures for each item separately.

【Delivery time】
You can choose your desired time from the options below. Please specify when ordering.
If you have any other requests regarding shipping, please let us know in the notes section.

Morning / 14-16:00 / 16-18:00 / 18-20:00 / 19-21:00

*Date and time specifications cannot be guaranteed 100% as there may be delays due to traffic conditions, weather, etc.
*Please note that the specified delivery date and time may not be available in some areas.

About payment methods

Payment methods available include cash on delivery, credit card, and Amazon Pay.

[Cash on delivery] No cash on delivery fee.

Our store will bear the fees for cash on delivery (315 yen to 420 yen)!
When the transportation driver comes to deliver the product, please pay the total amount in exchange for the product.

Cash on delivery method

Credit card payment

credit card

VISA, MASTER, DINERS, AMEX, and JCB are accepted.
Select "Credit card payment" from "STEP 2. Specify payment method/delivery time, etc." on the order screen, then enter your card number, card expiration date, card holder name, and security code.
Credit card payment method
*Our website uses a security system called "SSL".
*To protect customer information, we have adopted "token payment" as a security service.
*All of your important credit card information will be encrypted before being sent.
*The date the card amount will be debited will be the date of withdrawal based on the membership terms and conditions of each credit card company.
Please note that payment will be taken when we confirm your order.
Please note that the order date and payment date are not necessarily the same day.

amazon pay

amazon payment

Amazon Pay is a system that allows you to shop using your Amazon account.
To use it, you will need an Amazon account.
You can shop easily and safely using the customer information registered in your Amazon account.

Paidy deferred payment

Paidy deferred payment
This is a convenience store deferred payment method that can be used with just a mobile phone number and email address. You can also choose bank transfer or account transfer according to your preference.
Please pay according to the instructions from Paidy My Page or Paidy. Please check the Paidy service page for details.

Rakuten Pay

Rakuten Pay
You can make smooth payments using your usual Rakuten ID and password. Earn and use Rakuten points! Please use Rakuten Pay, which is ``simple,'' ``safe,'' and ``advantageous.''
*Rakuten Points can only be earned when paying with Rakuten Card, Rakuten Points, or Rakuten Cash.