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Cord embroidery series that can be used for ceremonial occasions | Sunao collaboration

Sandals and bags that make you feel dignified on sunny days and in emergencies

When a formal occasion arrives, I have prepared a kimono, but what accessories should I bring?
A popular Youtuber with 274,000 subscribers (as of July 2023) due to many comments.
“Sunao Kimono Channel/Kimono-Sunao” 1st grade kimono dressing technician “Kimono Sunao” x
Introducing three formal items that can be used for ceremonial occasions, developed in collaboration with IWASA, which has been making formal accessories for 95 years.

bag Fukusa Zori sandals 3 pieces of cord embroidery

01 code embroidery bag

Using a lightweight core, we have achieved ``lightness with storage capacity''.
The magnet is embedded inside for ease of use (registered as a utility model).
The cover part has an original pattern of cord embroidery, and the main part uses Yonezawa-ori.
Finished with a luxurious combination.
All materials used are water repellent.

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POINT01Easy to open and close♪
Inner magnet!

  • This is the part that impressed me the most! There's a magnet embedded inside the bag, so it doesn't make any noise when it closes. This is IWASA's utility model ``built-in magnet type''!
    Furthermore, the force of closing is also strong! Instead, it closes gently ♪ It can be opened and closed quietly without making any loud noises, making it perfect for formal seating!

POINT02Super lightweight! Shape memory that returns to its original shape even if crushed

  • Have you ever felt that the bag you use every day feels heavy? There may be a surprising number of people who want to make their bags lighter as they spend the day with them. The bag is about 400g light to reduce stress and stress on the body such as stiff shoulders and fatigue! Furthermore, it is made with a special core material, so no matter how much you crush it, it will return to its original shape with memory. You can also carry the bag in your suitcase when traveling far away.

POINT03 Larger capacity than it looks

  • This bag is amazing! It's the storage capacity.
    Bag, pouch, 2 handkerchiefs, disinfectant, sunscreen spray, eco bag, smartphone, wallet, card holder, house keys, 500ml plastic bottle, and writing utensils can all be stored in this bag, so carry a sub-bag. You can use this bag alone.

POINT04 Safe even in sudden rain ♪ Water repellent treatment

  • The most frequently asked question about cloth bags is, "My bag got wet and dirty on a rainy day. How should I care for it?" This product is completely water-repellent, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet no matter how much water gets on it. In order to ensure that it can be used for many years, we have designed it to be resistant to dirt and rain.

02 Code embroidery bag

The bag craftsman's bag has a different sense of luxury.
It is made from Yonezawa-ori fabric with cord embroidery in the same pattern as the bag.
When giving a gift of condolence, the bulge will stand out.
Please use "cord embroidery fukusa" as a hobby for adults.

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03 Code embroidered sandals

Two types of cushion sponges are used to ensure maximum comfort.
The bottom uses a black non-slip rubber sole. It was made with Yonezawa-ori, avoiding leather materials that are associated with the image of life and death.
The thong part has an original pattern of cord embroidery.
Please try it on and see how comfortable it is.

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POINT01Water repellent for peace of mind even on rainy days

  • These sandals can be used for both rain and shine, so they can be used in any weather, not just rainy days. The sole is made of rubber, so you can rest assured even in wet and slippery areas.

POINT02Matching cord embroidery♪
And luxuriously made entirely of Yonezawa woven fabric.

  • The thong has a diamond-shaped motif that matches the cord embroidered bag. We are particular about the 360° black color, and we have adopted two types of cushions in the foot rest area so that your feet won't get tired even if you wear them for a long time, which is IWASA's strength. The fabric on the part that touches your feet is Yonezawa-ori, so it's non-slip, durable, and has a unique sense of luxury!

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