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Personal order|Formal IWASA

This site is a pattern order simulation page. If you wish to purchase, please select and copy the parts item, paste the item contents in the "Notes" field, and make your purchase.

There's only one thing I'm particular about here. my formal bag


My thoughts and creations are just like me.

This "IWASA PERSONAL ORDER" is based on the concept of "Be yourself even in formal occasions."
For women who value their individuality, this is a custom-made bag project that combines elegance and attention to detail, with a focus on materials, construction, and design, allowing customers to experience the selection.

  • Order in as little as 1 week
  • Easy order online
  • 24 hours order OK
  • step. 1Choose the lid

  • step. 2Select the torso

  • step. 3Choose the lining fabric

  • step. 4Choose your initials

  • step. 5 orders

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  • I made it like this
  • Ships within approximately 3 weeks | Only for initials "None" Shipped within approximately 2 weeks

The parts you choose are Chemical Flower Lace Antique Flower Lace Herringbone Initial: None

  • Utility model obtained
  • Built-in magnet
Desired initials:

Currently selected combination

The parts you selected
Antique flower lace , antique flower lace , herringbone , none

The desired initials are on the right gusset.

* Colors may appear different depending on shooting conditions, lighting conditions, viewing environment (PC monitor or smartphone screen), etc. There may be slight differences in color and texture between the photo and the actual product, so please use it as a reference only.
* Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

attention DETAIL POINTCharacteristics of this type

  • Point 01

    Inner magnet specification for easy opening and closing

    ※The image is an image

    By drilling a hole in the core inside the fabric and embedding a magnet, and attaching the handle to the gusset, you can now ``check the magnet when closing the cover''!
    The inner magnet specification is Iwasa's ``utility model.''

  • Point 02

    Easy to hold,
    A feeling of size with storage capacity

    *With an open pocket inside.
    It opens wide, making it easy to take things in and out.

    The length is approximately 18cm x width is approximately 26cm x the gusset is approximately 9cm wide, so it is large enough to fit everything you need for a formal occasion.
    (Handkerchiefs, long wallets, fukusa, rosary beads, folding fans, etc.)