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About online shop

  • Can I return or exchange?
    We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but if the product is damaged or soiled, please contact us within 8 days after delivery. We will replace it responsibly. (Shipping fee paid by us)
    We do not accept returns or exchanges for used items, items with removed (lost) accessories, or items that have been scratched or soiled by the customer.
    In the case of returns or exchanges due to the customer's convenience, only unused items will be accepted. In that case, the return shipping fee and transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
  • Do you issue receipts?
    We have issued it. Please write it in the notes section when ordering.
  • I have changed my email address, but can I still receive orders?
    This will not affect your order, but we will not be able to contact you via "order confirmation email", so if you wish to change your email address, please contact us using the contact form below. Contact Us
  • I don't know how to use coupons
    Coupons can be used by following the steps below.
  • ■How to use coupons

    • Step 1: Purchase the desired product

      Add the desired products to your cart and proceed to checkout.
      (If you want more than one item, please add them all to your cart.)

    • Add to cart
    • Step 2: Enter shipping information, etc. (If you are a member, please log in)

      Please log in by entering the email address and password you registered when registering as a member.

    • Enter shipping information etc.
    • Step 4: Enter coupon code

      [Specify payment method, delivery time, etc.] At the bottom of the screen, there is a column for using coupons.
      Please check "Use Coupon" in the input form that says "Use Coupon", enter the coupon code you wish to use, and click the "Next" button.

      [Please note]
      Coupons are available only to members, so please log in as a member before applying the coupon.

    • Enter coupon code
    • Step 5: Confirm coupon discount

      The discount amount of the coupon will be applied in the "Use coupon" field of "Confirm input contents".
      *The coupon discount amount will be applied to the total product price excluding tax.

    • Confirm coupon discount
    • If there is no problem, please proceed to the purchase completion screen.

About formal bags

  • Is it okay to wear a formal cowhide bag for a funeral?
    Formal bags used at mourning occasions are meant to be carried with the other person in mind, so there are good manners.
    It is best to avoid leather materials that are associated with killing living things.
  • Should bags with metal fittings be used for mourning?
    As a matter of etiquette, it is said that it is better to avoid shiny objects (metal fittings such as gold and silver).
    Non-decorative bottom studs and inconspicuous clasps are fine.
    At Iwasa, we use black nickel plated metal fittings, so you can use them with confidence.
  • Is any black bag okay?
    Casual bags and formal bags are fundamentally different.
    For example, there is a difference between black sneakers and black heeled leather shoes.
    For formal occasions, using a bag and shoes that match your attire is connected to the dignity of an adult woman.
  • Can I carry a black formal bag outside of a funeral?
    Depending on the design, we have designs that can be used not only for Buddhist ceremonies, but also for school events such as entrance and graduation ceremonies.
  • Please let me know which bags you recommend based on age.
    We would appreciate it if you could refer to the rankings by age group.
    Click here for the ranking by age group
    ・For teenagers, we recommend a cute design with a ribbon ・For people in their 20s and 30s, we recommend a simple design that will last a long time ・For people in their 40s and 50s, we recommend a slightly larger and luxurious design ・For people in their 60s and above If you are, we recommend this one with a luxurious design using textiles.
    However, it is very nice to see someone in their 60s carrying a cute and fashionable bag with a ribbon.
    We hope you can choose your favorite design and use it for a long time, regardless of your age.

About Japanese accessories

  • I don't know what size sandals are right for me.
    Please use the size guidelines as a reference in "How to Wear and Choose Zori Sandals".
    Click here for the page “How to wear and choose zori”
    Compared to footwear such as sneakers or heels, zori sandals come in a wider range of sizes, so they can be worn by a wide range of people. If you have any concerns, please contact us via the inquiry form or by phone.
  • Is it okay to use waterproof spray on zori sandals?
    We do not recommend using it on leather parts such as pedestals as it may cause stains.
    Please read the precautions for the product you are using carefully before using it.
  • My thong has come off. Can you repair it? ?
    We accept repairs.
    Please contact us via the contact form or by phone.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.