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Sumi-e and Sumi-e Artist / Abstract Calligrapher



Born in Tokyo. He started using a brush at the age of 5 and studied under calligrapher Sanada Shuen. He was not only involved in calligraphy, but also in other artistic endeavors such as painting and theater. In 2012, he became independent as a "Bokushoka" artist in pursuit of his own expression. In 2014, he held his first solo exhibition as a "Bokushoka". In addition to presenting his own works, he is also engaged in expressive activities that go beyond the classical concept of calligraphy, such as collaborating with artists and musicians. He is also actively involved in conveying the charm of not only ink and calligraphy, but also traditional Japanese culture, such as by working with "Iwasa", a long-established sandal store in Osaka that has been in business for over 90 years, a Hasami ware kiln, and a Hakata weaving manufacturer.

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