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Article: Do you need jet necklaces and earrings?


Do you need jet necklaces and earrings?

``Jet'' is a formal item that has received many inquiries since last year.

As well as inquiries regarding online orders, customers who visit our stores often ask us, ``I have the Pearl, but do I also need the Jet?''

We have summarized the things you need to be careful of, especially when using it for Buddhist services.

1 Materials that are considered good for mourning



・Black coral


2nd color


3 Size

Ball size: approx . 8-12mm

Length approx . 40-42 cm

4 Color of metal fittings

black nickel processed


 First, regarding the material, it is said that Western formal wear began to be worn after the British style was adopted at the time of Emperor Meiji's death. The one I was talking about was "Jet".

However, the British-made jet, which was called the "Royal Jet" at that time, could no longer be produced, and "Pearl", which symbolizes tears, became common in Japan.

When black is the main color, many people wear black coral or onyx, but black coral has become a very valuable item as it has been banned from import under the Washington Convention.

In recent years, jets have been produced in China and jets have become available, and more and more people are learning from the imperial family and wearing jets.

Last year, many of you may have seen the royal family and first ladies of various countries wearing jets at state funerals and Queen Elizabeth's funeral.

Therefore, we are receiving many inquiries.

I'm not saying it has to be a jet, but I do recommend a jet as it is more suitable for older wives.

Black is the most recommended choice as it creates a solemn look for ``mourning'' scenes.

Also, because onyx is a stone, it feels heavy and many people find it heavier than jet or black coral.

As for the size, it is said that it is more beautiful to wear it along the neck, so it is best to avoid wearing one that is too long.

The size of the beads and the gaiety are required for celebrations, but gaiety is not necessary for ``mourning.'' The size that looks beautiful will vary depending on the thickness of your neck and your age, but avoid items that are too large.

Also, avoid using gold metal fittings as this may make it look glamorous.

What is important is that the ``mourning'' table is also known as the ``seat of sadness,'' so it is necessary to be elegant and solemn. I think an outfit that is all black gives it a more solid feel and looks beautiful.

I would appreciate it if you could use the above information as a reference.

Manager Iwasa

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