When should you wear a cape?

This cape can be worn without worrying about size, but the customer asked if it could be worn for both celebrations and condolences.

Is it ok to wear it even when wearing formal attire such as a funeral ceremony? I would like to share with you some of your questions.


When someone wears a cape, the first thing that comes to mind for me is the image of the former Empress wearing it at memorial ceremonies.

Even though I was a child, I admired the elegance of an adult woman.

Originally, capes were designed to be worn in formal situations.

Recently, some of you may have seen the first lady wearing it at Queen Elizabeth's state funeral.

It can be worn not only for Buddhist services such as funeral ceremonies and memorial services, but also for farewell parties.

In addition, it can be adapted to any occasion by using accessories.

It is also recommended for celebratory dinner parties such as entrance and graduation ceremonies and Shichi-Go-San festivals.

Just like wearing a black dress or navy dress when you're having trouble deciding what to wear, it's also a good idea to have one as a cover-up for a variety of occasions.

The loose silhouette that covers your body shape without making you feel cramped is comfortable to wear regardless of your age.


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