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Article: Formal sandals


Formal sandals

Even if you say formal attire in one word, it can be broadly divided into celebrations and condolences.

This time I would like to recommend zori to wear at funerals and weddings.


wedding sandals

For weddings, the type of sandals you wear will vary depending on your position and the class of your kimono.

If the mother of the bride or groom is wearing a black tomesode, or if a relative is wearing a black tomesode or a colored tomesode at a wedding, we recommend sandals made of gold or silver.

If you are having trouble deciding whether gold or silver is better, match it to the color of the obi for a unified look.


<Formal zori sandals with Hakata orihana thongs>

Other occasions such as a friend's wedding or a nephew's or niece's wedding are becoming more casual these days, and just wearing a kimono can raise the class, so zori should be worn in this way. No good! I think that is starting to fade.

The types of kimonos range from long-sleeved kimonos and homongi to plain colored kimonos.

I think it's fine as long as it matches the kimono, but if it's black, it's safer to choose enamel material or a lighter color.

<Flower arabesque> <Conclusion>

<Homare Homare Thin Type> <Homare Homare Enamel>

funeral sandals

It is considered good manners that the sandals that go with mourning clothes should be ``all black.''

Also, even if it is black, shiny materials such as enamel are not acceptable .

Mourning sandals are worn not only at funerals, but also for formal occasions such as farewell parties and memorial gatherings, when the kimono is dark colored, such as plain or Edo komon, and the obi, obi-age, and obijime are black. It will be done.

Black sandals are worn when wearing a kimono during Buddhist events such as memorial services.

As with bags, it is best to avoid leather materials.

Cloth sandals are best, but PVC (synthetic leather) is also recommended due to weather conditions such as rain and ease of maintenance.

Formal attire is attire that is worn not only for celebrations and condolences, but also for the occasion of the occasion.

Be aware of how to dress in a way that doesn't make the other person feel uncomfortable.

I would appreciate it if you could use this as a reference when choosing your future sandals.

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