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This site is a pattern order simulation page. If you wish to purchase, please select and copy the parts item, paste the item contents in the "Notes" field, and make your purchase.

What does it actually feel like? HOW to GUIDE! Staff experience column about trying original orders

Guide Kawai will send it to you!


Experience commentator

Nice to meet you, I'm Kawai, a staff member in charge of fabrics at Iwasa. Since joining the company, I have worked surrounded by the best textiles that Japan is proud of, such as Yonezawa-ori and Hakata-ori. I want more people to know about the goodness of Japanese textiles! I want you to feel closer to me! I hope that I can convey even a little bit of that feeling to everyone.

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Why order black formal?


In fact, each fabric used is unique and unique.

Do you think formal bags are all similar?
In fact, each fabric used is unique and unique.
Including high-quality fabrics woven in production areas such as Hakata-ori and Yonezawa-ori, expressed using Jacquard looms.
In fact, each one has a story, such as patterns that go well with formal occasions!
As a person in charge of fabrics And then I came up with an idea.
It's not something you use everyday, but it's something you use on special occasions.
Isn't it okay to express your individuality through a bag? ?
With that in mind, "Personal Online Order" is
With a pattern order service that can only be provided by Iwasa, a manufacturer with completely in-house production,
It was born out of the desire to "enjoy a new way to purchase formal bags!"

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I started ordering in this form...


This is the base type because it is the most popular product among our customers!

  • Funerals, memorial services, grave visits, it's a standard type, so it's really useful and can be used anywhere.
  • I was surprised that it closed just by placing my hand on the lid!
  • It can hold a lot of stuff!

As a specialty brand, Iwasa always carries over 150 types of formal bags.
In the three years since we started selling it, we have chosen the product that has received overwhelming support from our customers and is consistently ranked number one in monthly online orders as our base model!
The reason for its popularity is its timeless classic form, reliable storage capacity, and inner magnet design for easy opening and closing.


This time, I, Kawai, would like to thoroughly explain how to make a "Personal Order"!

Chapter 01

First, let's choose the fabric through simulation.

The charm of a simulator that combines the wishes of both the professional creator and the customer

Simulation image

This simulation page
・Covering fabric (flap part)
・Selection of body fabric, lining fabric, and initials (or none available)

You can choose.


Honestly, I'm really confused...

The content shows various faces depending on the combination,
All of these bags can be carried on formal occasions, so you can choose with confidence.

If in doubt, feel free to ask
Please contact us on LINE

We will answer any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing, such as questions about the product, consultation on how to care for it, consultation on usage situations, etc.

Consult via chat

[1] Select the cover (flap part)

Animation for choosing a cover

[2] Select the torso

Animation to select the body

I decided

The order I chose was a formal bag that was neither too simple nor flashy, with a plain cover and Yonezawa-ori rose pattern on the body , with a concept that can be used at any age !

[3] Choose the lining

Animation to choose lining

[4] Choose your initials (or no initials)

Animation to choose initials
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Chapter 02

Make it your own masterpiece!
Customize with initial embroidery

Because it's something you'll cherish forever,
A special item just for you.

Simulation image

The big feature of this "personal order" is that you can have your initials embroidered on the gusset (side) part! !
The typeface is "Diana typeface", an elegant English cursive font with thin lines.
You can create your own bag by customizing it to your specifications with your initials.
As one of your personal preferences, as a gift for your loved ones,
How about some heartfelt embroidery?
Please feel free to use it when considering it.


The embroidery is approximately 2 cm in diameter, so it does not interfere with the design of the bag and becomes your own eye mark, making it easy to recognize and safe.

And I am “K” for Kawai!

I often carry my bag on my left side, so I put my initials on the "right gusset" so that they stand out when viewed from the front!

I decided
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Chapter 03

Let's go buy it!

Copy the selected content as is.
Here we go! Payment/purchase online

Simulation image

Once you have selected all the parts in the simulation, press the ``Copy selected contents'' button.
When you press the button, the text "Copy successfully completed!" will be displayed.

▼ ▼ ▼

purchase page

▼ ▼ ▼

Once the copy is complete, click "Go to purchase page" to proceed.

purchase page

Special price 29,700 yen including tax

Just press the "Add to Cart" button and proceed to the purchase step.

purchase page

Paste the copied content into the "Write notes in the notes" field at the bottom left of the cart page and press the "Proceed to checkout" button.

purchase page

Since you can purchase online, you can pay by cash on delivery, credit card, or Amazon Pay .

●About shipping

Our craftsmen will make each item one by one, so we will ship it within 3 weeks from the date of order!

*If "None" is selected, it can be shipped in approximately 2 weeks.


Purchase completed!

Waiting for the product! !

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Why were you able to achieve this price?

Purchase price

When you hear "made to order", you get the impression that the price will be high, right?

This is because each craftsman prepares the fabric, cuts it, makes the parts, and assembles it, one by one, according to each customer's order.
Moreover, each process is carried out by skilled craftsmen with the individual customer in mind, making it a rewarding service that delivers products of higher quality and with more passion than usual. All of Iwasa's products are originally made by hand by craftsmen, and by carefully selecting the mold and fabric, we have achieved a price close to that of ready-made products!


I don't think there are many services where you can select the fabric and initials for each part and have each piece made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen, so please consider it!

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Chapter 04

Finally completed! The product is finished.

There's only one thing I'm particular about here.

It's done!

It was the perfection I had imagined!

Formal wear has a very simple design, so I wanted to add some pattern to the bag to make it more fashionable!
Since it is meant to be used for a long time, the cover is plain and the body has a Yonezawa-ori rose pattern so that it can be used no matter how old you are, so it is not too flashy.
It has an elegant tailoring.

I would like to take this opportunity to wear formal wear!

Formal wear wear 01 Wearing formal wear 02

Recently, more and more people are choosing a slightly larger bag instead of carrying a secondary bag.
The mold we decided on for this personal order is about 18cm long x 26cm wide x 9cm wide, so it's large enough to fit everything you need for a formal occasion. (Handkerchiefs, long wallets, fukusa, rosary beads, folding fans, etc.)


My initial “K” is also embroidered on it!

I'm 157cm tall, and I think I've created a bag that's the perfect size for me!

The good thing about making a personal order

  • 01You can order to your own satisfaction

    What I liked about making personal orders was that I was able to make orders that I was satisfied with.
    Formal bags are for life. That's why we are able to select each part ourselves and create a product that you are satisfied with.

    If in doubt, feel free to ask
    Please contact us on LINE

    We will answer any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing, such as questions about the product, consultation on how to care for it, consultation on usage situations, etc.

    Consult via chat
  • 02Lean operation is good for both companies and society

    What are SDGs ? 17 international goals to be achieved by 2030 to build a better future for all people The United Nations has established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We aim to solve poverty, inequality, prosperity, peace and justice, climate change, and environmental degradation.
    There was once a time in Japan when mass production and mass consumption were considered good. After this period of high economic growth, a completely different set of values ​​has become commonplace in modern times.

    Initiatives for SDGz

    12.Responsibility for production and consumption

    sustainable production

    This "IWASA PERSONAL ORDER" enables "producing only the amount needed, when needed" .
    Our goal is to achieve zero inventory and zero waste .
    We believe that it is the responsibility of the creator not only to create things, but also to manage their production.

Thank you for your continued support.
Please try our personal order service and find the bag with the design you like.

Try a simulation ▶

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