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Article: Ceremonial occasion etiquette course supervised by Hiroko Nishide

西出ひろ子監修 冠婚葬祭マナー講座

Ceremonial occasion etiquette course supervised by Hiroko Nishide

Ceremonial occasion etiquette course

Hiroko Nishide

Hiroko Nishide
Manners consultant/beauty expert.
After graduating from the Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Letters, Otsuma Women's University, she worked as a secretary to a member of the Diet, etc., and then became independent as an etiquette lecturer.
Moved to the UK in 1998 and established a company with a business partner there. In England, he established a unique etiquette communication theory that explains the essence of manners and creates mutual happiness.
After returning to Japan, he developed a theory of etiquette that emphasizes consideration for others, and gained a reputation as an etiquette consultant. Currently active as an etiquette consultant who also provides etiquette guidance for dramas and movies.


Ceremonies are the four major rituals that have been performed as events and rituals since ancient times.
From birth to death, events held at milestones have important meanings and important etiquette.
Although it is sometimes simplified these days, it is important to at least keep the etiquette in mind.

  • Coming-of-age ceremony, Shichi-Go-San, festival graduation entrance ceremony, etc.
  • Arranged meetings, wedding ceremonies, receptions, wedding events
  • Wake/Farewell Ceremony Condolences
  • Seasonal traditions and events such as Obon and Equinox
crown The word originally refers to a coming-of-age ceremony, but it also refers to events to celebrate and bless one's beginning during major life milestones such as childbirth, Shichi-Go-San festivals, festivals, and graduation ceremonies.
Among them, we will introduce the dress etiquette for graduation ceremonies that you may be concerned about.
Image of graduation ceremony attireAbout clothes for graduation ceremony Although you know what your child should wear, you may be worried about what the attending parents should wear.
A suit is fine for men, but for women it's hard to decide whether to wear a bright suit or a dark suit...and what kind of bag to wear.

In general,
Entrance Ceremony: Bright pastel colors such as ``beige, pink, and saxophone'' that are suitable for the spring season, with the meaning of celebration Graduation Ceremony: Dark colors such as ``black, navy, and gray'' that also have the meaning of farewell Masu.
Additionally, compared to kindergarten and elementary school, ceremonies tend to become more solemn as you move up to junior high and high school. Along with this, emphasis will be placed on formal attire for the attending parents.
Therefore, we recommend that you choose formal items suitable for TPO, such as bags and accessories that go well with your outfit, rather than items that you use on a daily basis.
Avoid bags with large logos or decorations that make it easy to identify the brand at a glance. Just be aware of clothing and accessories that exude a subtle elegance.
Recommended bag
The decoration is the highlight! We recommend a formal bag that is neither too flashy nor too large.
marriage A wedding is a major turning point, marking the beginning of a new life.
The formalities are diversifying and the attire varies depending on the age group, but if you are invited to a wedding or wedding reception of a relative or business associate, express your feelings of celebration by wearing formal attire that is not too flashy.
Image of clothing for weddings and wedding receptionsClothes for weddings and wedding receptions For women, avoid clothing that is pure white, which is the bride's color, or all black, which is reminiscent of Buddhist ceremonies, clothing that is open at the chest or back, and clothing that is too unique.
For wedding receptions during the day, long sleeves and long skirts that do not expose any skin will be formal attire. If you are a business associate, it is fine to wear a long-sleeved, elegant suit or dress.
Also, shiny items are not allowed during the day, so avoid wearing shiny materials or accessories with glitter or sequins. On the other hand, for evening receptions, dresses and accessories made of shiny materials are OK.
Also, it is okay to expose a moderate amount of skin on your arms and back. Pearls are convenient because they can be worn day and night.
Tomesode is a high-class formal attire for Japanese clothing. If it's a friend or acquaintance, there should be no problem if both the Miss and Mrs. are wearing visiting clothes. Long-sleeved kimonos are OK if you are unmarried, but in that case, avoid long-sleeved kimonos.
funeral A ceremony to mourn the deceased and say a final farewell.
Ceremonies that are considered ``funeral'' such as funerals and farewell ceremonies require particular respect for etiquette.
Attend the event in a style that is appropriate for the occasion, from accessories such as bags to clothing.
Image of clothing for funerals and farewell ceremoniesRegarding clothing for funerals and farewell ceremonies A funeral is a ceremony to bury the deceased, and close friends such as the bereaved family and close relatives participate. On the other hand, a funeral ceremony is a ceremony to say farewell to the deceased, and various people who were related to the deceased attend.
The clothes are
Dresses and suit accessories in dark colors such as black are generally set with a string of pearls or black stones .
Although fashion has diversified and ceremonies have become simpler these days, the feeling of attending a funeral or memorial service remains the same. At the same time, the clothes and accessories such as bags that express these feelings remain unchanged.
Therefore, a black formal bag made of matte fabric and without large hardware is a must-have. Bags with large logos or flashy decorations that are easily recognizable at a glance are no-no.
Attend the ceremony with attire and accessories that express your feelings of respect for the deceased and the feelings of the bereaved family.
Recommended bag
We recommend a formal bag that has no gloss or noticeable metal fittings.

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