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Article: Iwasa's exam bag|Introducing key points on how to choose


Iwasa's exam bag|Introducing key points on how to choose

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding exam bags is, ``How much stuff can fit in a tote bag?'' Iwasa, which has been making formal bags for a long time, has about 90% female employees. We asked our in-house formal specialists about how to choose an exam bag, and we will introduce points recommended by staff who have experience taking exams.

Points to consider when choosing

▪ The basic color is black or dark blue.

The basic color of the suit you will wear to take the exam is dark blue, so we recommend choosing either black or dark blue for your bag. By coordinating your outfit completely, you can give the other person an elegant and calm impression that is appropriate for the occasion of the entrance exam.

▪ We recommend carrying two bags: a main bag and a sub bag.

It is best to prepare two types of bags for the exam: a main handbag and a sub-bag. You may not need a sub-bag if you are just using it for an interview, but exams involve various events such as experiential learning and school tours. You may be able to carry one large main bag, but it is recommended to carry two bags, as this will make it easier to take out what you need without rushing.

▪ Smaller handbags, larger tote bags

Choose a small main bag that can hold the bare essentials such as your wallet, handkerchief, and cell phone, and a secondary bag that is large enough to hold slippers, a change of clothes for your child, and A4-sized documents.

▪ Simple design that stands on its own

During an entrance exam interview, bags are often placed on your lap or next to a chair, so choose a type that can stand on its own with a gusset for both the main bag and sub-bag. A bag that stands on its own looks neat when sitting and gives a neat impression. Also, avoid designs with flashy decorations or large brand names, and choose something simple.

▪ The best material is leather or polyester.

Exam handbags are generally made of leather or polyester. It goes well with the dark blue suit you wear when taking the exam, giving it an elegant and clean look. In addition, the material inside the bag prevents items from getting wet, so you can rest assured even on rainy days. When it comes to textiles, it is best to choose one that has been treated to be water repellent.

Iwasa's exam bag

▪ Carefully crafted design by craftsmen

At Iwasa, we offer carefully tailored bags that are uniquely handmade by artisans who are particular about making them in Japan. While maintaining the neat atmosphere, we pursued a design that is easy to use and versatile, so it can be used not only for exams but also for many other events such as parent-teacher meetings, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and ceremonies.

▪ “Dark blue” polyester material dyed to order

The material used is ``dark blue'' polyester that was custom-dyed for the exam bag. The dark blue bag, which is originally dyed by Iwasa and has a deep and glossy feel, creates an elegant and dignified atmosphere.

Click here for Iwasa's exam bag

▪ Compare popular tote bags

A tote bag that is useful as a sub-bag for taking entrance exams or for school events after entering school. This is a product that Iwasa receives many orders and inquiries about. Therefore, we put the necessary items for the exam into Iwasa's popular exam tote bag. All of them are water-repellent, so they are resistant to rain and dirt, and can be used for a long time even after entering kindergarten.

baggage inside

Pouch, plastic bottle (500mL), clear file (A4), folding umbrella, slippers (for mothers), slippers (for children)


[B4 size/Examination compatible] Formal tote bag (IW60543black/IW60543navy)

A popular tote bag with a simple design that is easy to match. It is compatible with B4 size and has the largest capacity among Iwasa's exam tote bags, so it is recommended for those who want to store a lot of large items such as children's jackets and slippers for two couples.

[For exams] [YUMI KATSURA] Dark blue tote bag for exams (iw60300)

A bag by Yumi Katsura, a leading figure in the Japanese bridal fashion world. When used with a handbag from the same series, it creates a more formal and special impression. Although it has a slim design, it is divided into 3 parts: the main zippered storage area, and the front and back pockets.

What did you think. We hope this will be of some help to those of you who are having trouble choosing a bag during the busy exam season.

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