Part 7 Minazuki

June is "Minazuki" on the calendar, but many people may find it strange.

Why is there no water even though we are entering the rainy season?

I asked Professor Google .

June in the lunar calendar is now July , and the rainy season is finally over, and the water is drying up due to the intense heat.

He told me.

That's right, I forgot about the lunar calendar. (Sweat)

Speaking of Minazuki, it refers to June , but did you know that Japanese sweets also have "Minazuki"?

It has been eaten in Kyoto for a long time as a June sweet.

It is triangular with azuki bean on top and Uiro on the bottom. There are various theories, but it is said that the triangle represents ice, and that it was made to resemble shaved ice in the past when ice was a valuable item.

Also, the word azuki means beans (mame), which means that in the past, the heat was thought to be the work of demons and the desire to annihilate them.

Additionally, red beans are a food that retains water and is said to be good for retaining water in the body during the summer.

Many people have thought about foods from ancient times, which is why they are still eaten today.

There are several types available now, and Ishikawa's recommendation is matcha or brown sugar.

Eating food according to the calendar is also a good thing.

Why not try eating ``Minazuki'' in Minazuki?

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