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Article: Part 6: Change of clothes

其の六   衣替え

Part 6: Change of clothes

Golden Week is over, and it's time to feel the beginning of summer.

According to the seasonal concept of kimono, May is still considered to be a kimono, but I wore a kimono during Golden Week, but I have already changed to a single kimono.

The temperature is different from 50 or 60 years ago, when everyone wore kimono, and it is difficult to wear a kimono in May, when you can already see people wearing short sleeves.

It's cool to look cool while wearing a kimono and using a parasol, but for that reason, you want to stay as cool as possible.

It is definitely not possible to wear a see-through kimono, but from May onwards, if you look at it from the side, you won't be able to tell whether it's a lining or a single robe, so it's perfectly fine ! I think.

Also, change out your accessories for summer. It's the hottest inside the obi, so I replaced the obi with a bamboo blind for summer use.

There is also a ``loofah'' material for summer use, but I'm a blind person!

Change your underwear for summer, and also change your undergarment for summer. (By the way, the half collar is made of crepe material.)

As long as it looks good, be creative in the parts that aren't visible and enjoy your kimono life!



Kimiko Ishikawa

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