Part 4 Obi knot

Speaking of how to tie an obi, the two most popular ways to tie a half-width obi are the ``Otaiko'' and the ``Ginza knot.''

When wearing a fukuro obi in a formal scene, it is usually the Otaiko knot, but when it comes to style, it is the Ginza knot!

That being said, I usually only tie Ginza knots or Kakudashi knots!

Of course stylish! However, it doesn't hurt even if you lean on it a little when you ride a train or car, and it's extremely convenient because it's easy to touch up.

Also, when I'm wearing a kimono on a business trip, obimakura takes up a lot of space in my bag, so when I want to reduce the amount of stuff I carry, I use the Ginza knot, which allows me to tie my kimono without needing an obimakura.


The weather is getting nicer and I'm going on a trip for the first time in a while... I think there are many people who think so.

Why not enjoy traveling in a kimono for a "stylish" trip for adults?

Zori sandals allow you to stand up and walk for a longer period of time than shoes, so you can walk around in various places. (In my personal opinion, my feet hurt when my feet swell when I wear shoes...)

All you have to do is change your obi, obi tension and obi tightening, and tabi and underwear, so you don't have to carry as much baggage as you would for clothes!

Enjoy a stylish adult trip with Ginza Musubi!



Kimiko Ishikawa


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