Part 3: Enjoy the season!

The cherry blossom season has ended and the season has turned to fresh greenery.

The cherry blossom season really feels short and fleeting.


Today's ``Iki'' means being able to enjoy the seasons! So I would like to enjoy the season.

There are many ways to enjoy the seasons.

Enjoy the season by admiring flowers, especially cherry blossoms.

Enjoy the seasons with food.

I feel that many foodies are stylish people. (Very biased!)

So, this is the stylish food you want to eat right now!

That's bamboo shoots.

“Bamboo shoots” are called “bamboo shoots” in season!

The dishes that come to mind with bamboo shoots include bamboo shoot rice, bamboo shoot grilled, bamboo shoot tempura, bamboo shoot boiled in Tosa, and spring rolls.

There are so many that it looks like you could make a course meal. (lol)

It's a little time consuming, but you can buy bamboo shoots with the skin on and boil them with bran and chili pepper to enjoy the ``seasonal'' taste.

Being able to enjoy that kind of effort and time is also ``Iki''.

Bamboo shoots contain various vitamins, and are highly recommended for people in their 50s who are deeply interested in beautiful skin, recovery from fatigue, and dieting!

For now, I'm going to the greengrocer instead of the supermarket!

Kimiko Ishikawa

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