Part 2 Sandal stand

 Footwear is an important accessory when wearing a kimono.

Young ladies these days are enjoying a modern look with sandals and boots, but old ladies born in the Showa era don't have the courage to go that far.

So, I think the general shape of a zori stand is boat-shaped or oval-shaped.

Officially, there are various heights of the stand, but this time the shape is future!

The boat shape becomes thinner toward the tip, giving it a "swoosh" impression. The boat shape is definitely stylish and cool! (Personal opinion!) However, the downside is that when you wear them, your little toes fall off the platform, causing your feet to hurt and get tired easily.

Now, what about the oval type? It's extremely comfortable to wear, but the shape is more ``flat'' than stylish. However, no matter how cool you are, if your feet start to hurt, you'll want to go home early, and all your fancy behavior will just go away... (Personal opinion!)

So, the shape of the table that I would like to recommend this time is "square"! !

Ever since I came across this platform and started wearing it, I've loved the square platform and have continued to wear it without ever paying attention to anything other than the square platform!

This is what I've been looking for, something that's refreshing and makes your feet swell, but doesn't hurt your feet!

Depending on the material you choose, it can be used to look anything from "classy" to "classy" or "elegant"!

If you're thinking, "Should I buy new zori?", please consider square sandals!


Kimiko Ishikawa

Boat-shaped Oval Square

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