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inner magnet type

inner magnet type

The opening has a built-in magnet and is made using a special construction method that makes it easy to open and close.
Easy one-touch opening and closing reduces stress and allows you to put things in and take them out smartly.
*This type has a magnet built into the fabric and does not expose any metal fittings on the surface.

PRODUCT functionality

PRODUCT functionality

<Utility model acquisition>
This is a feature unique to Iwasa.

Utility model registration certificate No. 3216980

Many formal bags have magnets attached to the front side.
Therefore, it was necessary to check the alignment of the magnets when closing.
We have developed the magnet to be embedded inside the fabric so that it can be opened and closed comfortably.


IDEA Inspiration

Comparison with conventional handle position

By drilling a hole in the core inside the fabric and embedding a magnet, and attaching the handle to the gusset, you can now ``check the magnet when closing the cover''! The inner magnet specification is Iwasa's ``utility model.''

Specially processed magnet


We have prepared a lineup of various designs that can be used depending on the purpose and usage situation.


Precautions for inner magnetic bags

Please note that the bag has a built-in magnet to make it easier to open and close, so the opening may open depending on the shape of the bag or small items that exceed a certain amount.

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Yonezawa woven formal bag with built-in magnet (9072)