[Great set discount when purchased with bag or sandals] Formal necklace and earrings set《8mm beads/42cm》

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Conditions: Purchased at the same time as a formal bag.

This pearl necklace is perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, funerals and ceremonies, as well as glamorous occasions such as parties and recitals.

The 8mm necklace and 8mm earrings are large enough to look great when worn, and the earrings in the set come with silicone pads that allow them to be worn for long periods of time without strain.
By making the clasp magnetic, you can easily put it on and take it off.

This product is a tie-up product with a manufacturer that, like Iwasa, has been involved in formal accessories for a long time in Osaka. Like Iwasa's products, this product is focused on quality.

Can also be used as an accessory for occasions such as weddings, wedding parties, kindergarten entrance ceremonies, entrance ceremonies, recitals, school events, wakes and funerals, general funerals, family funerals, farewell parties, memorial services, memorial services, and condolence events. You can use it.

・Magnetic design for easy attachment and removal
・Necklace/earring set
・8mm ball/42CM
・Suitable for various formal scenes
·made in Japan

Great set discount

Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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  • サイズ
    ネックレス全長 約42cm
  • 素材
  • 仕様

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貝パールネックレス&耳飾り 貝パールネックレス&耳飾り 貝パールネックレス&耳飾り 貝パールネックレス&耳飾り 貝パールネックレス&耳飾り


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