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Article: [Best of the first half of 2023] What is the “popular formal bag” that the staff honestly talks about?


[Best of the first half of 2023] What is the “popular formal bag” that the staff honestly talks about?

[Best of the first half of 2023] What is the “popular formal bag” that the staff honestly talks about?

formal bag department

1st place “Yonezawa woven formal bag with built-in magnet” 9072

The satin cover is not only a design accent, but also
Strong polyester satin is used for the parts that are touched when opening and closing.
The high-quality satin with reduced luster is designed to be a comfortable accent in Yonezawa-ori.

user voice

The stress is gone.


The bag I used before was from an overseas brand, but the magnet part would come off when I put things in it, and I couldn't close it smoothly. It was very stressful because I couldn't move properly. Considering that it will be used more frequently in the future, I chose this elegant Yonezawa-ori product. The magnetic part also closes quietly and has a classy feel.

Yonezawa-ori is of good quality.


The Yonezawa weaving is of good quality and I fell in love with it at first sight. It looked smaller than I expected, but I was able to fit my long wallet and folding umbrella into it. I'm in my 50s, and this was the first time I learned that black formals are officially made of cloth. After researching various sites, I purchased one from Iwasa, which has a good reputation, and I'm very satisfied with it. Before purchasing, I was confused between the standard large one and the embroidered one, so I asked for advice on LINE. thank you very much. When I picked it up, the Yonezawa-ori felt wonderful, and I'm glad I chose it. I would like to cherish it and use it for a long time.

Comment from IWASA

President Iwasa

I am the representative director and president.
Thank you very much for your high evaluation.
Unlike formal bags commonly sold, this product has a built-in magnet (utility model patented), making it extremely easy to use.

Since our founding in 95 years, we have continued to make formal bags with dignity, but we decided to develop our own in-house bags after hearing feedback that ``Although they look beautiful, they are difficult to open and close.''
In addition, we have created a product that is both beautiful and functional, using luxurious Yonezawa woven fabric throughout so that it can be worn by people of all ages.
We will continue to do our best to provide products that satisfy everyone.

2nd place “Inner magnet formal bag” iw60176

Taking advantage of the most popular products among Iwasa's formal bags,
Official original design with increased functionality and capacity using an inner magnet.
It's a timeless design that will be loved for a long time, making it a typical Iwasa product that shows the quality of its tailoring.

user voice

Inner magnet/large size is the deciding factor


I chose this bag because of its inner magnet and large size. When it actually arrived, I thought that the inner magnet seemed easy to use, and that although it was large in size, it seemed to have a large capacity, but it didn't look that big. I am very grateful that I can use the gift box for storage.



I was looking for a formal bag with a large capacity and an inner magnet. When you actually hold it in your hands, it doesn't look that big, but it has a great storage capacity. Above all, I was surprised and impressed by how little the magnetic noise was when opening and closing. I would like to use it carefully from now on.

Comment from IWASA

Director Fujii

This is Fujii from IWASA.
Thank you very much for your high evaluation.
This product has a built-in magnet (utility model patented) and a simple design that emphasizes capacity, so it is recommended for those who are purchasing a formal bag for the first time.

The surface of the bag is treated to be water-repellent, oil-repellent, antibacterial, and anti-mold, so you can store it with confidence. (Comes with a special gift box)

3rd place “Inner magnet cord embroidery tote type formal bag” 8185

A formal bag with plenty of luxurious cord embroidery on the front and back.
Thin strings were sewn into various shapes to create patterns and create gorgeous decorations.
Skilled seamstresses painstakingly create this piece using an elaborate technique that requires detailed work to make the various patterns stand out in three-dimensional detail.

user voice

It's even more beautiful than the photo


I needed a black formal bag, and when I was looking for it, I found this bag and purchased it without hesitation. When it arrived, it looked so nice that I couldn't help but say, "It's so cute!" At this price, the quality is amazing. The real thing is more impressive than the photo, and I'm very satisfied. The packaging was also very careful. Thank you.

It's a nice bag.


This was my first time using Iwasa to replace a bag I purchased over 20 years ago. I had heard about Mr. Iwasa on TV before and decided to buy one someday. I had a hard time deciding which one to buy as there were so many wonderful products, but I decided on the lightweight, clean coat and storage capacity. The embroidery is elegant and painstakingly made, and I'm really glad I purchased it from Iwasa. I will use it with care. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Comment from IWASA

Manager Minamino

This is Minamino from IWASA.
Thank you very much for your high evaluation!
This is a long-selling "cord embroidered tote bag" that will be loved for many years! Luxuriously embroidered with cords on both sides, it holds everything you need without losing its shape. Furthermore, as a recent renewal point, it has a built-in magnet (utility model patented) + antibacterial lining, making it a highly recommended product.

The storage opening has a tongue (cover), so you can carry it around with confidence without worrying that your belongings will be visible.
The surface of the bag is treated to be water-repellent, oil-repellent, antibacterial, and anti-mold, so you can store it with confidence. (Comes with a special gift box)

4th place “3-piece satin formal bag set” 8275

This set includes an A4-sized formal subbag (iw10349) that can be used for a wide range of occasions, and a simple fukusa (1756-100) for non-celebratory occasions.

user voice

No need to worry even if it's your first time


I had the opportunity to buy a formal outfit for the first time, and even though I didn't know what was right and what was left, I chose this one because it was reasonably priced and had all the accessories I needed. The quality was good and I felt safe.

I'm very satisfied


A month ago, when I bought my daughter a formal wear and bag at a men's clothing store, I wanted to get a bag for myself as well, so I looked at a lot of things, but the prices were so high that I didn't know what to do. Then, I remembered Iwasa-san, who I used to see on COOP, and I saw it on their homepage and ordered it. The handbag and fukusa set has been upgraded to a lace bag. I was worried until the end about what to do, but it was the right decision to rank up. It looked gorgeous and I was very happy. The bag is deeper in black and looks more luxurious than the brand bag I bought for my daughter. I would like to use it carefully.

Comment from IWASA

Manager Minamino

This is also a long-selling "satin switching formal bag set" that has been loved for many years!
If you are unsure which one to choose, we recommend this item.
The bag has a beautiful satin finish and has a large gusset of 10 cm, so it has a great storage capacity and can easily store items such as a bag, prayer beads, long wallet, cell phone, and glasses case. The surface of the bag is treated with Iwasa's original "Clean Coat" processing (water repellent, oil repellent, antibacterial, anti-mold), making it perfect even on sudden rainy days! Also, you can store it safely. (Comes with a special gift box)
Furthermore, this is a great value set that includes an A4-compatible formal subbag (iw10349) that can be used for a wide range of occasions, and a simple fukusa (1756-100) for ceremonial occasions.

5th place “Cord lace double layer bag with tassel M” IW60183

This tote-type bag is made of elegant and three-dimensional domestic cord lace, making it suitable not only for funerals, but also for memorial services, memorial services, grave visits, and other occasions.

user voice

easy to use!


I don't like the typical style of a bag with a cover and a sub-bag, so I searched for something better and came across the formal tote genre. Since I couldn't see the real thing, I looked at bags of similar size and structure to get an idea. At that time, I was having a hard time choosing between a size L and a 3-layer bag with no lace, but this 2-layer cord lace bag with tassels (M) was the right choice! It's large enough to fit comfortably on your lap, and the two-layer design has a good thickness on both the zipper and magnet sides, so you won't have any trouble sorting your belongings. The inside pockets of each were also convenient. The things you usually carry around, such as your wallet, smartphone, handkerchief, tissues, and pouches, as well as fukusa, prayer beads, and extra stockings. It was okay to put a parasol and a small bottle necessary in the summer. And it's really light! However, it was well made and did not deform under the weight of the luggage. By having something reliable, you can reduce the anxiety even a little in the event of a sudden funeral.

Cord lace double layer bag with tassel is recommended


It's extremely easy to use! It's "lightweight" and very easy to use. The two layers of zipper and magnet type are very easy to use. The size is just right, not too big and not too small. It's a shame that I can't go to the store and pick it up and look at it.

Comment from IWASA


This is Ishikawa from IWASA.
Thank you very much for your high evaluation!
This is an elegant and lightweight product that is easy to use. The included tassel is also removable, so it's sure to be useful in a wide range of situations! It also has a two-layer design that is convenient for sorting luggage, making it both elegant and practical.

How was it?
If you are considering a formal bag or are having trouble deciding which one to go for, please use this as a reference when shopping!

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