SAFURAN Wallet|Sunao Model

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It's an ultra-thin and simple wallet with an elegant and smart design that's thin and flat, but the interior is divided into three rooms, making it more practical than it looks.

The bag-shaped pocket in the middle doubles as a coin purse and divider, allowing you to neatly separate bills, coins, and cards. Even if you put 6 cards, 12 bills, and 20 coins in it, it still looks smart and has enough storage capacity for everyday use.

The bottom of the middle coin purse is slanted, so the coins don't go all the way in, making it easier to collect them in the front. Also, when you close the pouch, the cap acts as a lid and prevents coins from falling apart inside your wallet. The material is Bishu-ori, which is the same as the bag. Not only does it look beautiful, but you can also feel the high-quality texture and luster in your hands.


A collection series of collaboration works between "Iwasa", which has a traditional technique that has been in business for 95 years, and "Kimono Sunao", a kimono dressing instructor and Youtuber who is active on "Sunao Kimono Channel/Kimono-Sunao".

Great set discount

Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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