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Thanks to all of you, Iwasa has celebrated 95 years since its founding.
As a manufacturer, we have strived to create better products together with craftsmen, and have continued to develop sandals that have both dignity and functionality.
And this time, to commemorate our 95th anniversary, we have prepared a limited edition commemorative zori sandals.

Formal sandals
For people who value ease of walking even in formal situations <Wide tailoring>

Comfortable sandals tend to be preferred even for formal occasions.

The shape of zori sandals, which have long been popular in formal settings, was narrow with many overlapping bases and was conscious of high class, but in recent years I feel that there has been a change among customers, who are conscious of the balance between class and comfort. ” has increased.
Many of the people who order formal wear at Iwasa come to us looking for zori sandals that they can wear comfortably without overdoing it while still respecting etiquette.

We sensed the changing needs of our customers, so we created a wide type of IWASA that is easy to wear for formal wear. Heel height is 6.5cm. This is our most popular size, so you can wear it without being too low or straining.
In addition, it has a two-tiered design, so it can be used for a wide range of occasions, from formal to neat coordination.
The wide type has a stable design that allows you to rest your feet firmly. IWASA's sandals have a W-shaped cushion structure on the entire surface and are designed to disperse the load on the feet, reducing the burden not only on the heel but also on the base of the toes. The bottom is made of non-slip rubber material.

In addition, IWASA, which has continued to create formal wear, is particular about casual elegance.
We believe that the key to choosing zori sandals for formal occasions is to complement the gorgeous kimono and obi.
It's nice to wear zori sandals to match your luxurious kimono, but keeping your feet neat and tidy will create a balanced overall look without making it look heavy. The original material of the stand is silvery white with a pearly feel. By making the delicately textured Hakata-ori into thongs, it will lead to a gorgeous yet elegant coordination.

・Wide design for easy walking
・From formal scenes to slightly casual scenes
・Elegant thong and stand that are not too flashy
・Full-surface double cushioning reduces the burden on your feet
・Non-slip rubber sole


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  • サイズ
    全長(つま先~かかと) / 約22.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) / 約8.1cm
    高さ(つま先) / 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) / 約6.5cm

    全長(つま先~かかと) / 約23.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) / 約8.3cm
    高さ(つま先) / 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) / 約6.5cm

    全長(つま先~かかと) / 約24.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) / 約8.4cm
    高さ(つま先) / 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) / 約6.5cm

    全長(つま先~かかと) / 約25.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) / 約8.6cm
    高さ(つま先) / 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) / 約6.5cm
  • 素材
  • すげ穴
  • 原産国

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