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The Kasane series was developed by Iwasa, who colors the kimono from the feet up, with the aim of making it "the most modern and cool."
Iwasa is a manufacturer that originally handles many black products, mainly formal materials.
There are so many types of black, and when you include textures such as textiles and leather, the number is immeasurable.
This is an item that makes the most of the deep and mysterious black color.

The high-quality enamel material has a bright luster and unique texture, giving it a futuristic coolness and a sense of luxury.
The combined thong is made of Shikoro weave, which has a mature and lustrous feel.
The result is a combination that complements each other more than I imagined and gives a sense of dignity.

The table has two tiers, and the line-shaped fabric that is inconspicuously inserted between the footrest and the upper tier further enhances the overall impression.
The shape of the table is slim, and the smart shape makes the black stand out even more.
The original rubber sole makes it easy to walk on and is non-slip, all in perfect black.


◆Size ●M size [foot size 22.5-23.5cm] Total length (toe to heel): Approx. 23.5cm Width (maximum part): Approx. 7.5cm Height (toe): Approx. 3cm Height (heel): Approx. 6.8cm ●L size [foot size 23.5-24.5cm] Total length (toe to heel): Approx. 24.5cm Width (maximum part): Approx. 8.1cm Height (toe): Approx. 3cm Height (heel): Approx. 6.8cm

◆Material Stand: Synthetic leather (PVC) Bottom: Synthetic rubber (non-slip rubber sole) Thong (front): Cowhide Thong (back): Polyester/Polyurethane

◆Awesome hole can be

◆Country of origin Japan


着物姿を足元から彩る岩佐が「最高にモダンでかっこいい黒」を目指して作られた重(かさね)シリーズ。 それぞれ、シーンに合わせて細部まで構成されたラグジュアリーなお草履です。

重<KASANE>シリーズはこちら 重<KASANE>シリーズ

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Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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  • サイズ
    全長(つま先~かかと) : 約23.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) : 約7.5cm
    高さ(つま先) : 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) : 約6.8cm

    全長(つま先~かかと) : 約24.5cm
    横幅(最大部分) : 約8.1cm
    高さ(つま先) : 約3cm
    高さ(かかと) : 約6.8cm
  • 素材
  • すげ穴
  • 原産国

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