Horsehair formal bag <with gold fittings for both congratulations and condolences/large trapezoid type>

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Iwasa handles a wide variety of materials suitable for formal wear, and horse hair is the best among them.
The reason for this is the strength and elegant luster of natural horse tails, and the rarity of handmade products that cannot be produced by machines.

Horsehair, which is more resistant to heat and friction than regular textiles, is known as a material that can be used for generations.
Each strand is woven carefully and evenly on a hand loom over time, resulting in beautiful horse hair that is described as a ``jewel of textiles.''

Iwasa's horse hair bags have a strong focus on tailoring to match this characteristic.

Like the main body, the gusset uses horse hair, and has a special structure that prevents it from losing its shape even after repeated loading and unloading.
The edges of each part are framed to highlight its elegance, achieving both design and strength.
These require a high level of skill from skilled craftsmen and a lot of time.

It is large and has a size that can neatly fit the necessary luggage.
Please use the retractable decorative metal fittings according to the TPO for auspicious or mourning occasions.

It can also be used as a bag for occasions such as wakes, funerals, general funerals, family funerals, farewell parties, memorial services, memorial services, and condolence events.

・Uses rare horsehair material
・2WAY specification with rotating metal fittings for both celebrations and condolences
・Suitable for various formal scenes
·made in Japan

Horsehair is a rare handmade material that cannot be mass-produced by machines. The long hours of manual labor required to complete the weaving produce beautiful horsehair that has been described as a "textile jewel."

Its elegance, which is suitable for formal occasions where decorum is valued, and its elegant appearance, which brings out the beauty of women, make it one of the highest quality bags manufactured by Iwasa, a manufacturer specializing in formal bags.

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