"Hakata Ori" lattice pattern formal bag

  • 【動画で紹介】

  • 撥水加工

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A formal bag that incorporates "Hakataori", which has a history of over 700 years.
In order to express the three-dimensional effect of the woven pattern in accordance with the black formal scene, it is custom-dyed and woven in a special black color, so it maintains the luxurious feel of the high-quality woven material while creating a dignity suitable for a place of sadness. .

The entire cover is made of Hakata-ori (100% silk) with a diamond pattern.
The tip has a satin finish with an elegant luster accent.
The knitting design gives it a luxurious feel, and it has a high-quality finish that goes well with kimonos.

The Hakataori ``lattice pattern'' used in this bag is a popular pattern that means ``uninterrupted and eternal''. The luster unique to silk and the three-dimensional effect unique to Hakata-ori give this bag an elegance that cannot be found in other textiles.

The hand weave specifications are original to Iwasa.
It is rounded and fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to hold.

With a 10cm gusset, you can store everything you need for formal occasions.
Iwasa's popular size is elegant and has storage capacity.

It can also be used as a bag for occasions such as wakes, funerals, general funerals, family funerals (host/attendee), farewell parties, memorial services, memorial services, and condolence events.

・Hakata-ori (100% silk) with a diamond pattern that gives it a luxurious feel
・Special dyed fabric exclusively for black formals ・Handles are woven to match Japanese and Western styles ・Large gusset of 10 cm or more ・Clean coat processing (water repellent, oil repellent, antibacterial, anti-mold)
・Suitable for various formal occasions ・Made in Japan

◆Size Vertical 14.5 x horizontal 26 x gusset width 10cm

◆Material Outer material: triacetate, polyester, silk Lining: polyester

◆Weight Approximately 350g

◆Specifications magnetic closure Inside: Open pocket x 1 Outside: Card pocket x 1 With bottom studs --- Comes with a vanity case

◆Surface treatment Cover part: water repellent Body: Clean coat (water repellent, oil repellent, antibacterial, anti-mold)

◆Country of origin Japan

Black formal Hakataori woven by Iwasa custom order

Hakata-ori uses a larger number of threads than other textiles, giving it a distinctive three-dimensional feel.

Great set discount

Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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かぶせ部分にダイヤ柄の博多織生地を使用しました。 博多織部分の先端には上品な光沢がアクセントになるサテン切替仕上げ。 高級感が香る編み手仕様で、お着物にも相性が良い上質な仕立てです。


岩佐の表面加工 博多織部分の先端には上品な光沢がアクセントになるサテン切替仕上げ 高級感が香る編み手仕様で、お着物にも相性が良い上質な仕立て 撥水加工 サイズ詳細 保管に便利な化粧箱に入れてお届けします


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