[A4 compatible] Cord lace double layer bag with tassel L

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A tote bag made with luxurious domestic cord lace on both sides.The elegant cord lace with a delicate floral pattern can be used in a variety of formal occasions.

The two-layer construction, separated by zippers and magnets, is convenient for sorting your luggage. Store valuables on the zipper side, and items you want to access quickly on the magnet side.
The magnetic side can fit A4 size paper, so you can safely store it even when you have more luggage.

It can also be used as a bag for occasions such as wakes, funerals, general funerals, family funerals (attendees), farewell parties, memorial services, memorial services, condolence events, and regular use.

Convenient tote type that can be used for a wide range of purposes ・With removable tassels・3D and gorgeous cord lace fabric ・Large size with excellent storage capacity
- Convenient A4 size compatible
・Double layer type for convenient storage
・Antibacterial lining
・Suitable for various formal scenes
·made in Japan

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"Cord lace double layer bag with tassel M"

◆Size Vertical 24 x horizontal (top) 34/(bottom) 35.5 x gusset width 13cm Handle rises 13cm

◆Material Outer material: polyester Lace part: Rayon/Nylon Lining: polyester

◆Weight Approximately 420g

◆Specifications Opening: Two-layer type with zipper closure and magnet closure Specifications: 1 inner open pocket on each layer With bottom studs --- Comes with drawstring bag

◆Surface treatment (Lining) Antibacterial processing

◆Country of origin Japan

- Made entirely of domestic cord lace fabric. This tote-type bag is made of elegant and three-dimensional domestic cord lace, making it suitable not only for funerals, but also for memorial services, memorial services, grave visits, and other occasions.

・Double layer type for easy sorting Store valuables on the zipper side, and items you want to access quickly on the magnet side.

- Convenient A4 size compatible Large size that can fit A4 clear file

Great set discount

Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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モデル写真 繊細で上品なコードレース 二層式で使いやすい A4クリアファイルの入るサイズです ソフト仕立て サイズ詳細 巾着袋に入れてのお届けとなります。


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