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Handle changeable

The drape series has a handle that is changeable so that customers can have fun choosing the color of the handle.

Drapes with interchangeable handles
Among them, this one is made in a black color that is suitable for formal occasions such as memorial services, visiting graves, and graduation ceremonies.

The main body has a moderately glossy random checkered pattern so that you can carry it on formal occasions.
The original handle is made of IWASA's original black satin material, which is also used in black formal wear.
If you change the handle, you can use it as a casual bag for everyday use. For occasions such as entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, pair it with tassels (sold separately) for a gorgeous look.

This design was created from feedback such as, ``Formal bags are not used in many situations, so it's a waste.'' ``I wish they could be used more often.''
Recommended for those who are considering a formal bag.

The lightweight design body weighs 265 grams. It has a design that retains its shape with plenty of gathers and a bottom core, so it won't lose its shape even when stuffed with luggage. The mouth uses an inner magnet specification that allows for smooth opening and closing movements.

◆Size Approx. height 19cm x width 32cm x gusset width 12cm Handle rises approx. 13cm ◆Material (Front) Polyester (made in Japan) (Handle) Polyester/Polyurethane (Made in Japan) (Back) Rayon (made in Japan) ◆Weight Approximately 265g ◆Country of origin Japan

Great set discount

Great set discount when purchased together with bag/sandals


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