Shell Wicker [A bag that casually supports beautiful movements]

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Adult coordination is a way to incorporate a casual yet elegant atmosphere.
IWASA's shell bag was designed with a beautiful silhouette in mind.
Beauty is not only about appearance, but also about paying attention to subtle movements.
If the opening of the bag is left wide open, a beautiful silhouette will not be created.
IWASA's shell bag has an inner magnet closure type.
The magnet built into the bag closes automatically, so even if you're in a hurry, you won't have to worry about putting in and taking out your belongings, and you'll be able to keep things small.
The gusset is a generous 13.5cm wide so you can go out with just one bag.
It has a capacity that can hold a 500ml plastic bottle or a small folding parasol.
The shape is designed so that it hugs your body when worn on your wrist.
The thin, closed silhouette around the mouth gives a refreshing look.

The fabric is made by the long-established Spanish fabric manufacturer GASTONYDANIELA.
A simple and warm design that is easy to match with kimonos.
The removable tassel is decorated with sparkling beads and can be enjoyed as an accessory.

・The opening has an inner magnet closure type that is easy to open and close. ・Sized to fit a 500ml plastic bottle. ・Clean silhouette. ・Tassels are removable. ・Made in Japan.

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シェル ウィッカー
シェル ウィッカー
シェル ウィッカー
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