balloon willow bow

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IWASA's balloon bag is popular for its light weight and storage capacity.
The designs created by William Morris, a textile designer who was active in England in the 19th century, have animal and plant motifs, and the designs and colors go well with kimonos, making them loved by many people.

Aiming to create a bag that will allow you to enjoy coordinating your kimono even more, we created it using IWASA's balloon bag, which has been well-received for its lightweight feel and storage capacity.

The opening is designed with a hidden magnet, making it easy to put things in and take them out.
Since the movement is kept to a minimum, you can keep your movements beautiful while wearing a kimono.
One of the charms of balloon bags is that they are lightweight and do not lose their shape.
It has plenty of gathers and material to maintain its shape to maintain a beautiful silhouette. The size can easily store plastic bottles and long wallets, making it the perfect size for going out. The materials used for the parts are also handmade by Japanese craftsmen.

*The pattern on the bag itself and the pattern on the knots on the handle are combined one by one, so the bag you receive may differ from the photo. Also, you cannot choose the pattern. note that.

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バルーン ウィリアムモリス

バルーン ウィリアムモリス

バルーン ウィリアムモリス


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