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Thanks to all of you, Iwasa has celebrated 95 years since its founding.
As a manufacturer, we have strived to create better products together with craftsmen and have continued to develop formal bags that combine dignity and functionality.
And to commemorate our 95th anniversary, we have prepared a limited number of commemorative formal bags.

We planned and developed it from scratch, including the shape and material, so that it would be worn with the tomesode, which is the most formal part of Japanese clothing.
At Iwasa, we believe that in formal occasions, especially celebrations, the way you express your feelings of congratulations, support, and gratitude is as important as the way you dress.
The attire that expresses the thoughts of each participant creates a dignity appropriate to the occasion.

Iwasa works with craftsmen to deliver products that add color to your kimono from the touch and elevate the quality of your attire.

We use Hakata-ori, which is known for its strength and beauty created through techniques cultivated over a long history.
By using high-quality glossy silk and adding volume to both the warp and weft threads, we create an elegant, small pattern.
The luster of the gold and silver threads creates a dignified weave that is suitable for formal occasions.

The circle handle is impressive and adds an accent to your outfit.
The elegant size and dignified appearance of the core give it an even more formal feel.
The magnetic part prevents the mouth from opening too wide and maintains its elegant form.

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